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CD and DVD Networking Software

Now that you've decided to buy a CD/DVD Tower or Server to share, protect and secure your valuable CD ROM and DVD databases you have also realized you will need some network management tools to help administer and serve your clients to give them the access they need to the data.

We offer and recommend some of the finest CD and DVD Networking Software on the market today.

Our newest product is the PoINT Jukebox Manager.

PoINT Jukebox Manager offers transparent drive letter access to CD/DVD Towers and Libraries in a networked environment. Integration into the Windows operating system kernel ensures seamless support for network clients. The enhanced security and permission control of Windows is also active for the shared jukebox file system. Due to its multi-threaded implementation PoINT Jukebox Manager allows multiple users to access the jukebox simultaneously and to record different data streams to different media in parallel. Volume Set and File Spanning functionality offers data storage possibilities for a huge field of applications.

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