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CD ROM and DVD Solutions

CD ROM and DVD are the most economical data distribution media today. With thousands of titles in print, and CD and DVD Recording technology making it easier to publish in house data, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. The most efficient method of distributing this information throughout your organization is to share the CDs and DVDs over your network. CyberData Systems (CDS) is committed to delivering the CD/DVD technology you need to increase your productivity and enhance your business.

Multi-Protocol CyberROM™ Towers
CyberData Systems Multi-Protocol CyberROM™ Towers, featuring StorPoint CD+ from Axis Communications, operate independantly from the file server. This flexible, cost effective technology provides you with the easiest way for clients to access CDs over multiple networks simultaneously. No SCSI host adapters, no ethernet cards, no fileserver downtime, just connect directly to your Novell or Windows NT network. No software to install, just "plug and play".

Standard SCSI Attached CD and DVD Towers
CyberData Systems CD/DVD Towers range from 4 to 21 bays using combo CD/DVD drives (Read CDs at 40X, Read DVDs at 16X) and are manufactured with high quality components.

Network Ready CD/DVD Servers
CyberData Systems Network Ready Towers, featuring the Storpoint CD+ engine from Axis Comminications are the easiest way for clients to access CDs and DVDs. No SCSI host adapters, no ethernet cards, no fileserver downtime, just connect directly to your Novell or Windows 2000 or NT network, and you're ready to share your CDs and DVDs.

CyberROM™ DZC Series
The CyberROM DZC is a High Performance Scalable CD/DVD Server which integrates CD/DVD ROM and hard disk technologies into a network attached server independent configuration. Powered by the exclusive DiskZerverŠ Cyclone thinserver engine by XStore (formerly Microtest) it provides accelerated CD/DVD sharing in heterogenous network environments

CD/DVD Enterprise Servers
Many of today's CD/DVD Enterprise Networking applications require a high performance dedicated CD/DVD Server. CDS CD/DVD Servers are Pentium® based and serve up to 35 CDs or DVDs in a single enclosure. Your CD/DVD Server can be preloaded with dedicated CD/DVD Networking software to fit your application. CDS CD/DVD Servers are designed with future expansion in mind.

Rack Mount Modules
CDS rack mount products consist of modular racks that allow you to configure a cabinet with up to 63 Readers or 56 Readers with a dedicated server module. All of our products can be supplied in either standard rack modules or premium modules with Hot Swap power supplies and fans.

CD and DVD Recordable Systems and Duplicators
CD and DVD Recording technology makes archiving, backing up, and distributing your business data easier and more cost effective than ever. CyberData Systems CD and DVD Recordable subsystems and Duplicators feature systems made by the well known folks at Rimage, Mediaform and Primera.

CD/DVD Networking Software
CyberData Systems provides CD/DVD Networking software to provide drive letter access to CD/DVD Towers and Libraries in a networked environment

Quality and Support
CyberData Systems views quality as exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. Our goal is to deliver quality throughout the entire process, from inquiry to installation and after-sale support. In addition, CyberData Systems offers a two-year warranty on all CD-ROM Towers and Servers, advance replacement programs, and professional technical support. We are committed to giving you the service, support and value you expect.

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