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CD and DVD Recording technology makes archiving, backing up, and distributing your business data easier and more cost effective than ever. CyberData Systems CD/DVD Recordable Systems and Duplicators include products from such well suppliers as Rimage, MediaForm and Primera for both stand alone and network applications.

The newest and most popular model is the Bravo™ Disc Publisher from Primera Technology.

Introducing the Bravo™ Disc Publisher
The Bravo™ automatically burns and prints CD's and DVD's hands free and totally unattended. It is the world's first and only "all-in-one" disc duplication and printing solution that's priced at less than $2000. Its compact design and small footprint will fit neatly on any desktop.

The Bravo™ is a fully self-contained standalone desktop CD and DVD duplicator with high end features like 40X CD-R recording, built in 2400 dpi color printing and professional Windows-based duplicating and labeling software.

Until now recording CDs and DVDs required lots of time, patience and luck. If you're short on these, the new Recordable CD and DVD systems from CyberData are for you.

If you need to record valuable data to CDs and DVDs and don't want to waste time and money, the decision is simple: contact CyberData Systems today and order the CD/DVD Mastering and Duplicating System that is right for you.

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