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CyberTower™ Standard SCSI Attached CD/DVD Towers

CyberData Systems has made it easy for you to provide on line access for up to 21 CD/DVD readers (up to 98 GB of Data) in a single cabinet . In addition, with the introduction of the new Nakamichi 16X, 5 disc changer with an on-line capacity that can be expanded to a total of 175 CD discs. That's a total on line capacity of 112 GB available to the network.

CyberTower™ Standard SCSI Towers are compatible with most popular operating systems and simple to install. Just attach each bank of seven drives to a SCSI host adapter and you're ready to access your CDs or DVDs. With the Nakamichi version of the towers the only additional requirement is a SCSI host adapter that supports LUNs.


  • 7 to 21 Bay Towers
  • Combo CD/DVD SCSI Readers (Read CDs at 40X, DVDs at 16X)
  • Industry Standard SCSI Interface
  • Operating System Independent
  • Each device takes one SCSI ID
  • Locking front door optional
  • Reliable 300 Watt power supply
  • Robust cooling system


  • Up to 98 GB of Data in One CD/DVD Tower
  • Compatible with Standard SCSI Platforms
  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • Up to 21 CD/DVD Readers per Cabinet
  • Secures valuable databases
  • Ultimate in Reliability
  • Reduces downtime


  • SCSI Host Adapter w/ LUN Support for Nakamichi 5 disc changer versions
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