Formula 1: Carlos Sainz wins Australian Grand Prix after Max Verstappen retires (2024)

Carlos Sainz led Charles Leclerc to a Ferrari one-two in the Australian Grand Prix as Max Verstappen's domination of Formula 1 stalled.

Sainz swept by the world champion's Red Bull into the lead on the second lap before the Dutchman retired with a brake failure after just four laps.

The Spaniard then controlled the race as Leclerc passed McLaren's Lando Norris in the first pit-stop period.

The race ended under a virtual safety car after a crash for George Russell.

Chasing Fernando Alonso's Aston Martin for sixth place, the Mercedes driver lost control at Turn Six on the final lap and suffered a crash, the car coming to rest on its side, held up in the air by landing on its left-front wheel. Russell was unhurt.

Alonso and Russell were called to the stewards, who penalised the Spaniard 20 seconds, dropping him to eighth place, and gave him three penalty points on his licence for what stewards said driving "in a manner that was at very least 'potentially dangerous' given the very high speed nature of that point of the track".

Alonso admitted slowing too early and then accelerating again before braking, but said he got the manoeuvre "slightly wrong".

It was a difficult end to a sobering day for Mercedes, on which their status as also-rans was apparently confirmed - Lewis Hamilton retired after 16 laps with an engine failure.

Norris led Oscar Piastri to a McLaren three-four ahead of Red Bull's Sergio Perez, anonymous on a day on which he was unable to capitalise on Verstappen's retirement.

In front of a record Melbourne crowd of 132,106 - and a weekend high of 452,055 - Sainz was in imperious form, just 16 days after having surgery to remove his appendix that forced him to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The 29-year-old - who has been describing the "weird" feeling of "everything in the inside just feels like it's moving more than normal" after his operation - tracked Verstappen around the opening lap. And after Verstappen made a mistake at Turn Three on the second lap, Sainz was able to pass the Red Bull down the curving 'straight' to Turns Nine and 10.

Verstappen immediately came on the radio to say he had "lost the rear - weird", and before long it was apparent why.

A lap later, he swore over the radio and said: "The car is loose." And a lap after that smoke started to pour from his right rear wheel.

Verstappen slowed down and as he entered the pit lane, with his brakes now on fire, a clump of material flew out of his wheel on to the grass.

Underlining the strength of Red Bull in the last two years, it was his first retirement since this race two years ago.

It left Sainz in control and he never showed any indication he would let the grand prix out of his grasp.

Sainz was the only non-Red Bull driver to win last year, when he triumphed in Singapore in a race that ended with him holding off a train of cars featuring Norris, Lewis Hamilton and Russell.

Now he has become the man to end Verstappen's chances of equalling his own record of winning 10 races in a row - and just three races into a season he started knowing he would lose his seat at Ferrari at the end of it to Hamilton.

Sainz had Leclerc's measure from the start of qualifying and was never under threat in the race.

He took advantage of Leclerc being stuck behind Norris in the first stint to build an advantage.

Ferrari brought Leclerc in for a relatively early stop on lap nine to undercut him past Norris, a strategy that succeeded when the McLaren stopped five laps later and emerged behind the Ferrari.

Sainz stopped on lap 16 and emerged just a second ahead of his team-mate, slowly building an advantage that extended to nearly nine seconds before Leclerc made his second stop.

Norris was unable to do anything about the Ferraris, but it was nonetheless a strong weekend for McLaren.

The same could not be said for Perez, who complained about Red Bull's decision to run him long on the first stint.

Perez was able to pass Russell and Alonso but once in front of the Spaniard, a tear-off strip from another driver's visor became caught in his floor, in a position Red Bull said disrupted the airflow sufficiently to cost him a significant amount of downforce. After that, he could do nothing about the McLarens ahead.

Russell's crash meant Mercedes leave Australia pointless and promoted Aston Martin's Lance Stroll to seventh, ahead of RB's Yuki Tsunoda and the Haas drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen.

Alex Albon, given team-mate Logan Sargent's Williams for the weekend after a heavy crash on Friday, was 11th, the Haas drivers just too strong in his quest for a point.

Formula 1: Carlos Sainz wins Australian Grand Prix after Max Verstappen retires (2024)


Formula 1: Carlos Sainz wins Australian Grand Prix after Max Verstappen retires? ›

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz took the first non-Red Bull

Red Bull
Red Bull Racing, currently competing as Oracle Red Bull Racing and also known simply as Red Bull or RBR, is a Formula One racing team, racing under an Austrian licence and based in the United Kingdom. It is one of two Formula One teams owned by conglomerate Red Bull GmbH, the other being RB Formula One Team. › wiki › Red_Bull_Racing
win of the season with an impressive display during Sunday's Australian Grand Prix, taking advantage of technical trouble for Max Verstappen in the opening laps that forced the reigning world champion to retire.

Why did Max Verstappen retire Australia? ›

Red Bull say they will "learn" from the brake problem that caused Max Verstappen's shock first race retirement in two years at the Australian GP.

Why didn t Verstappen finish the Australian Grand Prix? ›

Max Verstappen's nine-race Formula One winning streak came to an end at the Australian Grand Prix, the reigning world champion retiring from the third round of the season in Melbourne after suffering a brake problem on lap four.

What happened at the Australian Grand Prix 2024? ›

After qualifying second, Ferrari's Carlos Sainz Jr. won the race, two weeks after undergoing an appendectomy. Pole-sitter Max Verstappen retired on lap four, breaking his streak of nine consecutive wins.

Where is Sainz going in 2025? ›

Mercedes and Red Bull still only have one driver contracted for 2025 and remain possible destinations for Sainz, while the 29-year-old has also been linked to Sauber, which is due to receive significant investment over coming years as German car manufacturer Audi takes ownership of the team and uses it to enter F1 in ...

Does Max Verstappen have a child? ›

Does Max Verstappen have children? Max has no biological children, but he does have a close relationship with Kelly's daughter Penelope. Kelly shares the four-year-old with her ex-partner, Russian driver Daniil Kvyat – who Max replaced at Red Bull in 2016 shortly after the season began.

What does Max Verstappen sister do? ›

Why did Verstappen retire Melbourne? ›

Verstappen explains cause of his first retirement in two years after DNF in Melbourne. Max Verstappen revealed that his right rear brake was stuck from the race start at Albert Park, which caused his first retirement since the 2022 Australian Grand Prix.

When did Verstappen retire in Australia? ›

Latest. Max Verstappen saw his winning streak come to a dramatic end at the Australian Grand Prix after being forced to retire from the running in the opening laps of the race. The Dutchman had made a solid start from pole position and initially maintained the lead before being overtaken by Carlos Sainz on Lap 2.

Who makes Max Verstappen car? ›

Since then, Verstappen has been seen driving to race rounds in a plethora of different cars from the 2023/2024 Aston Martin, Honda and recently Ford catalogues as part of his brand deal.

What team is joining F1 in 2024? ›

When were the 2024 F1 car launched?
F1 teamLaunch date
Haas2 February 2024
Sauber (Alpha Romeo)5 February 2024
Williams5 February 2024
Alpine7 February 2024
6 more rows

What does prix mean in grand prix? ›

Grand Prix (/ɡrɒ̃ˈpriː/ French: [ɡʁɑ̃ pʁi], meaning Grand Prize; plural Grands Prix), is a name sometimes used for competitions or sport events, alluding to the winner receiving a prize, trophy or honour.

Will the Chinese Grand Prix ever return? ›

Because of China's heavy COVID-19 restrictions and lengthy lockdown, F1 hasn't returned, even when countryman Zhou Guanyu joined the grid in 2022. But that changed for 2024 and now, China's first F1 driver Zhou Guanyu will experience his home F1 grand prix weekend.

What team is Audi replacing in F1? ›

Audi will complete its 100% takeover of the Sauber F1 Team before the 2026 F1 season. This process will continue to happen gradually as to not interrupt Sauber's day-to-day runnings as a current F1 constructor, and Audi will continue to have no input into sponsor choices or driver decisions.

When did Carlos Sainz leave McLaren? ›

Sainz joined Renault for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Sainz moved to McLaren for the 2019 season, while at the same time ending his contract with Red Bull Racing. At the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Sainz took his maiden Formula One podium finish with third. Sainz moved to Ferrari at the end of the 2020 season.

How many wins does Carlos Sainz have? ›

Race Wins: 1 (1 total) Pole Positions: 2 (2 total) Grand Prix: 48 (166 total) Total Podiums: 15.

What happened to Verstappen in F1 Australia? ›

Three-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen was forced out of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix after his brakes caught fire in the opening laps. The Red Bull superstar looked on track for another flag-to-flag victory after starting on pole position and racing away from Ferrari's Carlos Sainz as expected.

Has there ever been an Australian F1 champion? ›

Two Australian drivers won the World Drivers' Championship, Jack Brabham in 1959, 1960, and 1966, and Alan Jones in 1980. Brabham is the only driver to win the title in one of their own cars, a Brabham in 1966.

When did Max Verstappen retire? ›

Max Verstappen saw his winning streak come to a dramatic end at the Australian Grand Prix after being forced to retire from the running in the opening laps of the race. The Dutchman had made a solid start from pole position and initially maintained the lead before being overtaken by Carlos Sainz on Lap 2.

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