Vegan Mushroom and Leek Rolls Recipe (2024)



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I used to make something similar by combining mushrooms, onion or leeks, and chopped walnuts. I seasoned the mixture with lots of thyme and some cayenne or paprika, and then used softened cream cheese and a little parmesan to bind it all together. It was always a hit at parties, among vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Worked beautifully with a phyllo dough wrapper, though I'm sure puff pastry would be even better.


I set out to make them for a meatless Monday. Oops, no leaks, and only a small package of mushrooms on hand. So, got a big sheetpan out, diced up potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, the mushrooms and tossed it all with olive oil/herb de provence/paprika/cumin and baked in a 425 oven for 30 min (I skipped all the other cooking steps besides the bake). Then spooned the cooled mixture into the pastry dough, adding a little cheddar in each roll and baked per directions. Delicious.


Loved these! We also made the lamb sausage rolls from the same Times article, and these easily won! omitted the farro because we didn't have any. I subbed tahini for the almond paste. I would make these again as smaller bites and serve them as hors d'oeuvres.


Excellent! I followed the recipe but next time I may bake some russet potatoes ahead and use the potato innards instead of farro, and fill the skins with the mix. Maybe top with a little parmesan. Yum!


I just made this for my vegetarian husbands lunch. Wow. It really feels like a meaty sausage roll without the sausage. I didn’t have farro so I used barley. This is such an interesting recipe to me. I was unsure at first about the almond butter. But the end result did not have the flavor at all. I am now kind of obsessed with this recipe! Thanks for giving me an interesting, creative, yummy recipe to work on while my kids zoom. Now back to laundry, dishes, and figuring out a healthy dinner!

Vicki B

I was underwhelmed with the flavor of this, which surprised me because I thought the combo of mixed mushrooms, leeks and fennel would be both rich and subtle. Instead, I got blah. I covered the leftovers with homemade sauce. I won't make this again, but I like the concept. Maybe a curry filling, like a samosa or roti, would be better.


I followed the recipe exactly and must say: don’t do it. Too bland. Boring. Not worth the effort. It needs something, but I don’t care enough to figure out what. No problem, just no likey. Onward to the next recipe!

calamity bunny

I substituted Lotus Foods’ Forbidden Rice for the farro because I had some already cooked on hand. I didn’t have almond butter, so used tahini. Added pecan chips, just because. Made my own puff pastry, vegan, with Miyoko’s plant butter. Served with hot mustard. Easy and delicious.


I would definitely make these ahead at T-giving and then reheat in oven (from frozen) while turkey is resting.


Lisa, your version sounds great. Do you have a recipe with the specific amounts?


Delish. Add more garlic, herbs and some marmite. Consider adding onions and fennel seeds.Works ok with 4-6 layers phyllo too ( each layer brushed with olive oil)


The recipe worked perfectly. I brushed a little oat milk on one roll and that one came out shinier and better looking than the others. I think these would be nice for a crowd, where everyone is just eating a slice or two, but they were a little one-note for just two of us.


Are these meant to be cut up and served as an hors d'oeuvres, or ?

Stephen Sinclair

These are always a huge hit at parties. I make the filling a day ahead of time. What I do differently is use a silicone pad/sheet, flour it a big, flour the rolling pin, and roll out the pastry dough that way.


Because my body decided 18 months ago to become allergic to wheat, dairy, and seven other yummy foods (and yes, it’s as dreadful as you are imagining), We: Replaced farro with 1/2-cup cooked wild rice, used wheat-free Tamari soy sauce, and replaced puff pastry with rice “paper” spring-roll wrappers (the sort for frying). We rolled them, brushed them with oil, par-cooked them in the air-fryer, and froze them. We warm, thawed, in the air-fryer at 400 for 10 minutes. THEY ARE GLORIOUS!!!


Delicious - enjoyed by omnivore & vegans; I'll make this again!I used sunflower seed butter instead of almond to make it nut free;1 T of soy sauce was plenty salty - 2 would have been too salty for our taste. ( I added a Tablespoon of vegan Worcetershire in place of the 2nd, but it would have been good without.) I rolled the pastry thinner/filled it fuller to increase the filling to pastry ratio.Filling could probably be made in advance.

weird and bad

i made it. it was weird and bad. took a very long time :,(


Followed recipe closely. They tasted good but it was a lot of effort. Next time I probably look for vegan meat substitute to put inside instead of making the filling from scratch.My vegan friend thought they tasted good but too much like meat (that was a negative to her). I sprayed the rolls with avocado cooking spray to help them brown, but it resulted in way too flaky rolls that were difficult to cut. I wonder if there's a vegan egg substitute that would have been better to brush on top.


Checked notes, for sub for almond butter. Thanks for tip on walnuts, Lisa! First note on top! Can’t wait to make for my next get together :).


We added a few chopped walnuts, a little grated beecher’s cheddar and omitted the faro. For the herbs we threw in a medley of parsley, chives, and dill. They were wonderful! This recipe served as a really excellent base :)


HiSo flavorful and tasty. My version: leeks, mushrooms, spinach, farro with fennel seeds, generous thyme, tomato paste, parsley and Parmesan cheese. Amazing. Any tips on alternatives for the puff pastry though? I find it too buttery for regular meal. Anything else this filling could be used in?


Can you make ahead and freeze?

Emily MacEachern

WOW! I used portabello, cremini, and chanterelle mushrooms. Didn't have parsley or thyme, but still amazing. Exactly the type of dish I would make for non-vegans. The farro and mushrooms gives a sausage-like texture and the fennel gives the sausage flavour.


Lots of work… next time male samosas from, Meera Sodha’s recipe instead.


Absolutely loved this recipe, surprised that some commented it was bland? I used dried, rubbed thyme instead of fresh and double the tomato paste (because it was a sachet and I didn’t want any to go to waste). I loved this recipe so much!

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Vegan Mushroom and Leek Rolls Recipe (2024)
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