Network Attached CyberRAID™ (NAS)

Scalable Network Attached Storage Appliance for Windows, Netware, Macintosh, Unix/Linux and Web Clients

CyberRAID™-NAS is a workgroup class Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance designed to simplify the way you store and deliver information. Just attach it directly to your existing network via the 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet interface and within minutes your Windows, Netware, Macintosh, Unix/Linux and Web clients have fast, reliable, server independent access to protected storage resources - no network downtime, no server reconfiguration and no client software.

Performance, Data Protection, Flexibility and Reliability

CyberRAID™-NAS features an embedded, low overhead NAS operating system designed and optimized for one purpose, serving data. This streamlined OS runs on a tightly integrated hardware platform and is very efficient at performing its designed function. Server independence provides direct communication between client and storage, improving data access times and relieving network and application servers from unnecessary I/O traffic.

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